Brookside Equestrian Show Park has a unique family resort atmosphere with a private swimming pool, Silky’s Back Gate Pub with satellite TV, the Brookside Café, RV parking, and dry camping.

Two barns with larger 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 stalls are available.  All stalls have rubber mats beneath the deep pine shavings. The wash stall is comfortably equipped with hot and cold water. The barn area has space available for tack and blankets.

The lower barn, currently allocated for Private Training with Carr Performance Horses.   The Upper Barn, is available for General Boarding or Training Programs with one of the 3 available trainers.  The indoor ring, used on those few days without California sunshine, features both wood-enclosed stands and an elevated, glassed-in viewing area located in Silky’s Pub.

Access to grass for grazing is important to a horse’s overall health and well-being. We maintain a grazing area near the arena so that riders can allow their horses to graze while they dry in the sun after a bath. Brookside also provides nightly safety and security checks, and a staff member or security guard is on the property at all times.