Brookside Back to School

Back to School  Hunter Jumper Show featuring the SAHJA Grebitus Cup challenge!

Sept 20, 2019  Move In and Schooling Day.

  • Schooling scheduled from 10 – 5 with EMT Carson on duty!

2 Day show Sept 21 & Sept 22.

Regular Classes Saturday & Sunday – All 3 rings!

Association Approval: Sahja

Show can be entered on

Grebitus Cup 10 team challenge.  1st 10 teams.   round 1 on Saturday Night, Round 2 Sunday Am.

**** NOTE:   The Grebitus Cup challenge will be scored as  2  Speed rounds.

Show Prize List and Entry Blank:

Back to School-entry

Back to School Prizelist

  • Note:  Show Schedule could be subject to change.